UCTUPUS: The Intelligent Multi Zone Energy Distribution System For Residential Buildings

Problem, Solution, How It Works and What It Offers

What is UCTUPUS?

UCTUPUS is an innovative energy distribution system for enhancing the thermal comfort and energy efficiency in residential and small commercial buildings with forced air central Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. The unique design of UCTUPUS allows it to be implemented in both new and retrofit applications. Uctupus allows homeowners to control or schedule the temperature of each room independently, offering a tailored level of comfort and great energy efficiency simultaneously.

How Does UCTUPUS work?

Being able to control temperature by adjusting the airflows, UCTUPUS will distribute conditioned air to each room of the building based on the heating/cooling demand of that specific room. This would help to compensate for commonly existing ducting, insulation, or design deficiencies.

UCTUPUS has three main components:

  • UCTUPUS's arms: Wireless and battery-less adjustable vents, replace the traditional registers throughout the house.
  • UCTUPUS's decentralized sensing nervous system: Temperature sensors, simply plugged in all the rooms
  • UCTUPUS's central brain: Central Controller, replaces your thermostat

Central controller turns the HVAC system ON/OFF and adjusts the air flows based on both the user demand and temperature readings from the temperature sensors.

UCTPUS Components

UCTUPUS is fully wireless and does not need Internet, Wi-Fi, or a modem to operate. It can be controlled via its mobile apps from anywhere in the world. For further info refer to FAQ page.

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