1. What are the main advantages of UCTUPUS?

    As a multi-zone climate control system there is 5 major advantages over traditional single zone systems:

    1. Excellent temperature control accuracy in every room of your house

      Allows your family to have a perfect level of comfort all year round

      Temperature Control
    2. Up to 40% energy savings

      Uctupus's learning features can auto schedule the heating and cooling of your home meaning it will significantly save energy when you are SLEEPING or AWAY. As an example assume a house owned by a family that are 8 hours at work/school one hour driving to work/school and 8 hours sleeping. Meaning Uctupus can save over 9 hrs x 5days/week + 8hrs x 7days/week=101 hours/week. Considering a week is 168 hours, significant energy savings are possible. Auto-ECO mode will allow Uctupus to self detect occupancy patterns in your house and save automatically.

      Energy Saving

    3. Prioritized conditioning of a certain zone

      There are many situations that you would like to have a fast response in a certain zone. Let's assume it is a summer day and you have a party with many people in your kitchen and dining room level. Cooking and people's presence will make that level uncomfortable. Uctupus's BOOST Mode will guarantee the fastest response from your AC by minimizing the AC flow in the rest of your house and maximizing it in your kitchen and dining room.

    4. Compensating for commonly existing ducting, insulation, or design deficiencies

      Our award winning control algorithm is able to deliver on demand flow to each zone that will compensate for intrinsic issues that many houses are born with!

  2. I have bought a smart thermostat with multi temperature sensors hoping to solve my thermal comfort issues but still my basement is cold and upstairs bedrooms stay hot. How can I solve this issue?

    No matter how many temperature sensors you add to a smart thermostat, you will not solve the air-flow distribution problems in your house. Smart thermostats are only a single zone controller that calculate the average temperature reading of their sensors and compare that with the set temperature on the main device. It not only does not guarantee improved comfort but also can cause overheating or overcooling in certain rooms. A simple example is illustrated below:

    Smart Thermostat Effect

    Ideally we want everywhere at 22°C. Assume you have a poor distribution of air that causes temperatures like above. The average of all the readings is 22°C which is ideal from a smart thermostat point of view, but we have a hot upstairs and a cold basement. In this situation smart thermostats are unable to control as staying ON makes the upstairs hotter and turning off does not help the basement. A single zone control is limited in many ways. In this situation a multi-zone controller like Uctupus will reduce heat supply to upstairs while increasing it to the basement to make an ideal distribution like this:

    Uctupus Effect
  3. What is the main difference of UCTUPUS with traditional duct zoning multi-zone systems?

    UCTUPUS offers a superior vent zoning system that offers a room level comfort and is completely plug and play. It can be installed by the homeowners in under one hour and can be used in both new and retrofit applications with zero modifications needed. Traditional duct zoning system are not applicable to most retrofit applications and require extensive modifications to ducting system that is involved opening walls and ceilings making them impractical for homeowners. Duct zoning systems need sophisticated ducting design and labor intensive component installation and wiring which does not attract builders.

  4. What makes UCTUPUS superior to existing vent zoning systems?

    UCTUPUS is the first company that offers a fully integrated system for vent zoning. Its state-of-the-art control algorithm is mated to a sophisticated hardware using a world class engineering to offer the world's first fully wireless and maintenance free zoning system for forced air central HVAC systems. The features built into our algorithms offers a comfort and efficiency level that has never existed before. Our wireless vents are industrial grade and fully maintenance free meaning they need no battery replacement benefiting from a self charging energy harvesting technology.

  5. How much does it cost?

    An average residential home with 15 vents and 5 zones will cost roughly $1500 CAD which is about 10 times cheaper than traditional duct zoning products.

  6. What is the payback period of the system?

    We initially started with an average payback period of 10 years, but our latest control algorithm shows a payback period of under 5 years for any climate with at least two months of cooling season in a year.